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Coronavirus position statement 5th January 2021

Every associate of Reach is known for going above and beyond. All staff are determined not to let clients down by missing appointments or rescheduling. We are the hand shakers, the huggers and the connectors in our work. This level of resilience and interpersonal communication is often admirable, but in the current circumstances we may need to refine our approach as a preventative measure to protect us and you, our clients. Where possible, any change to our typical way of working will be a collaboration between us and you.

Currently we are at 'Level 3

Level 1 'Reach for the soap'

Effectively business as usual with some enhanced precautions. All Reach staff attending schools, organisations, homes and meetings are to take sensible hygiene precautions and review travel arrangements, particularly if public transport is required.

We will all take simple precautions to avoid catching or spreading germs and try to avoid close contact with people (other colleagues, family, friends) who are unwell.

As clients, you'll be following government advice in terms of self-isolation as appropriate. However, don't be surprised, if you are due to meet with us over the next few weeks, that we ask you to confirm that you (and those you live with or come into contact with) have travelled to one of the category 1 or 2 identified countries on the Government list and if you're generally well.

We will continue to attend face-to-face private appointments UNLESS:

  • You tell us that you or a member of your family has been to one of the identified countries (as above).
  • You tell us you have minor health symptoms (cough/cold/temperature) even if it would not usually prevent you from attending an appointment.
  • Your practitioner has any minor health symptoms (cough/cold) even if it would not usually prevent them from working.

To reiterate, though you might typically continue to meet with us minor symptoms such as headache, cough, cold etc or see us presenting with such symptoms, appointments should now be cancelled if this is the case.

This is not suggesting that you or they have coronavirus but is an act to minimise your likelihood of catching the virus while potentially immunocompromised and to ensure we are taking appropriate precautions to minimise risk to our staff.

Level 2 'Reduced Reach'

Current level; If the situation escalates, or one of the above exceptions applies, we will need to significantly reduce face-to-face appointments. Please let us know as soon as possible if you'd prefer or need to change arrangements with us. Where possible telephone or skype/facetime appointments will replace face-to-face but this should be considered on a case-by-case basis. They are not always appropriate for you or us - let's decide together.

Level 3 'Out of Reach'

This may be either as a result of a Reach associate being identified as having become infected, or others in a school or family they have engaged with having shown symptoms. We will be led on this by advice from NHS England and other authorities. We will become 'Out of Reach' if general population isolation advice occurs as our own personal circumstances (childcare etc) will not lend itself to telephone/skype calls, nor will your circumstances as we all attempt to adjust to life indoors.

To re-iterate, these are future contingency plans. As a virtual team it may be that we have some team members at different stages at different times and we collaborate with you to make things work.

Currently however, it is very much 'business as usual' at Reach. Many of our clients are naturally pre-occupied with covid19, either as general conversation or with significant anxiety. Our staff team are briefed on how to guide your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in this regard.

Thank you all for your understanding, patience and cooperation as we navigate these unchartered times.

Ruth Hare
Director, Reach Psychology Ltd

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