Reach Psychology
Psychological Counselling

Counselling by email

  • At a time that suits you
  • So can reflect on your issues as you type
  • So you can re-read and ask further clarifying questions
  • To get therapy from a psychologist without leaving the house

We agree who’s best to support you. You send an email, they spend an hour reflecting and replying and you can then respond. It's that simple!

But bear in mind...

  • It's difficult to infer tone in an email
  • There's no body language on either side
  • It's very different than talking to someone
  • It's not for everyone

Payment is made via bank transfer (paypal coming soon!)


Some people prefer a one-off opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings and receive an e-mail reply. This is ideal to see if online counselling is right for you or if your issue is a problem or dilemma you just want a little extra help with. If you wish to continue after my reply, simply let me know via email and pay again via paypal or bank transfer for another session or a series.

REACH 3 / REACH 6 / REACH more

You email your thoughts and feelings and we spend a number of sessions exploring the issues via email exchange over 3 or 6 weeks (as booked) I will always spend 1 hour reflecting and responding each time.

Please note if you choose to cease therapy before the end of your chosen number of sessions, outstanding sessions are non-refundable.

For prices, questions and more information email Ruth -

POPULAR! 'This is awkward' consultation service.

Worried about a relative/friend/colleague? Know they're having difficulties but don't know how to help? Concerned that you'll say the wrong thing and make the situation worse?

You send an email, we reflect, research and reply. It's that simple!

You get:

  • Your situation considered by a psychologist at a very competitive rate
  • Personalised email response to your situation/dilemma/question
  • 'This is awkward' conversation advice sheet (pdf)
  • Personalised signposting to websites/organisations which may be helpful to you.

For prices, questions and more information email Ruth -

07967 452355