Reach Psychology
Psychological Counselling


We love working with 'people people', particularly those who are inspiring the next generation and those supporting the socially excluded. Reach Psychology if you want to add to your practitioner toolkit or want your workforce to be more emotionally aware.

Organisations have requested sessions including:

Difficult conversations
How to manage awkward conversations and share contentious information.

One in Four
Understand the range and prevalence of adult mental health issues and gain ideas of how you can help and support yourself and others.

From hearing to listening
How to hear what's really said and know what to do with it now you do.

Reflective practice
Develop skills in wondering why. Learn how considering your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour in relation to your work can enhance your practice.

The shoulder they cry on
For the person everyone turns to, whether in your job description or not. Develop supporter skills and understand the importance of self-care.

How early experiences can influence how we think, feel and behave. Implications for your classroom, setting or workplace.

All behaviour has a reason
Consider behaviour as a communication. Understand the bad, sad and mad and what you can do to improve their engagement.

Planning for the 'naughties'
Differentiation skills and techniques for pupils with social, emotional & behavioural difficulties.

Looked After Children
Legal jargon explained, experiences understood & tips for removing barriers to participation and learning.

Mental health in schools
Understand the range and prevalence of pupil and staff issues and gain ideas of how you can shape your practice to help yourself and others.

Mind your language
What to say & how to say it to engage and manage reluctant learners.

The Register
The impact of child protection issues on everyday functioning. Learn how life events can trigger emotional and behavioural difficulties and gain self-care skills so you're fit to work with children in need.

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